Rally Returns to the Valley

April 16th - 19th 2015

That's right.  TAP's exciting Rally in the Valley Event returns to PA.  As always, running in conjunction with Allen Hopkins'  "Super Billiards Expo" we will return to The Greater Philidelphia Expo Center in The Oaks PA.  Bigger and better with carpeted flooring, more food choices and pleanty of parking, this event is sure to please.  There is also a new hotel on the same property making it even easier to get back and forth to the event.   We will release more information regarding soon.

 Licensee's take note, this is when the annual Licensee meeting will take place.  Thursday April 16th at 9:00 a.m.  With the growth that we have experienced we will need a much larger facility to host our meeting so we will keep you updated on where that will be.

Single players....  You will begin play on Thursday night the 16th and Rally in the Valley teams will start play Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. the 17th.

We would like to say thank you to everyone in Edison NJ and look forward in returning to the home of Loyd's beloved "Rally in the Valley"  TAP ON! and we can't wait to see you there. 

8 Ball Team Registration  9 Ball Team Registration

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With TAP you always have a choice. We're proud to offer 8 different formats of league play to our members. Keeping you in the game and entertained with friends and family. We'll be providing a link with a short description of each format to help you make your choice. Thank you for choosing TAP for your night out. Meanwhile click on image to view them all.

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The year of 2013 holds great things for our organization. Different levels of sponsorship programs will be introduced to our brand. TAP, being a recognized organization throughout the United States, Canada and soon to be International, will be actively marketing partnership programs. If you would like to team up your logo with ours contact up at 1-800-984-7665.

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2014 National Championships

November 13th-16th

TAP – Pools Amateur Tour, 2014 – TAP Nationals

Nov. 13 thru Nov. 16, 2014 

TAP, Pools Amateur Tour held their annual National Team Event, Rally Rodeo in TX Dream Team, Scotch Doubles and Singles competitions in Dallas, TX at the prestigious Hilton Anatole.  Players and Teams from the USA and Canada winning their local qualifiers arrived in Dallas with their aim on the National titles in 8, 9  and 10 ball competition.  This was the largest TAP event and National host location to date in the history of the league.   

This event for TAP, Pools Amateur Tour kicked off with Registration into the event starting Wednesday afternoon.  Wednesday night the party was started and the Licensee/Operator scotch doubles tournament was held. Thursday morning the TAP National 8 and 9 Ball Teams started their competition,  Friday morning Rally Dream team and singles started with all events continuing Saturday with 10 Ball and Scotch Doubles National Teams starting for the first National event ever for these two products and finishing Sunday when the finals were played and the champions were crowned.

TAP loves making history and they did again, with the use of the TAP Phone App – Scorekeeper 2.0 by RunOut Apps.  9 and 10 Ball Teams used the phone app during their national competition at the event.  Scores went in directly from the app to TAPs Pool Net system.  All TAP Players scoresheets from weekly play, local tournaments and National tournaments are submitted into the universal handicap system powered by Pool Net. Implementation of using the phone app is starting by all TAP licensees and operators for weekly play, and will start to be used for local tournaments and national tournaments as well. This is the first stage of what is to come…TAP is proud to be the first league that has this ability, proving once again we are for the player, providing the most solid handicaps, based on ability in all levels of league play . 

TAP’s Corporate office, the Schonter family and the TAP Family of Licensees and Players showed their respects to their beloved Founder and CEO Loyd Schonter, with the memorial logo in rememberance.  Loyd would have been proud of the event, as he personally selected the location and what a location it was.  The Hilton Anatole was and is a grand site, which boasted many amenities.  Located in the Marketplace of Dallas Texas, it was a huge success having it as the host location.

As always TAP would like to Thank McDermott Cues, our cue sponsor, who has been with us through this and many other events, as well as all our other vendors and advertisers that participated in this National Event.

TAPs Corporate office (The Schonter Family), TAPs Event Director Kelly Nace, TAPs National Director Bruce Williamson and all TAP Tournament Staff which is comprised of Licensees work hard year after year to produce the highest quality billiard events for players across the country.  Each year and each event comes with more and more improvements as we add and enhance our events.

We proudly announce the winners of the 2014 TAP National Events….

Your Anger Make Me Happy, NJ - 8 Ball National Team Champions,  Lonestar Board

Blue Line Shenanigans, OH  – 8 Ball National Team Winners, Alamo Board  

Connecticut Tappers, CT – 8 Ball National Team Winners, Blue Bonnet Board

Godless Hustlers, FL – 9 Ball National Team Champions, Longhorn Board

Rambow Connection, IL – 9 Ball National Team Winners, Maverick Board

TX Rose Airborne, TX – 10 Ball National Team Champions, Appaloosa Board

Yinzers, PA - Rally at Rodeo Dream Team Champions, Champions Board

Monsters of the Midway, IL – Rally at Rodeo Dream Team Winners, Steers Board

Press Your Luck, FL – Rally at Rodeo Dream Team Winners, Mustangs Board

Dayne Miller and Sheron Leach, SC  - Scotch Doubles Champions

8 Ball Singles

3 Singles  Winner – Sabrina Gaviria, NJ

4 Singles Winner – Jonathan Morris, MI

5 Singles Winner –  Bill Zeoli, NJ

6 Singles Winner –  Joe Beyer, FL

7 Singles Winner –  Rob Brandenburg, CANADA

9 Ball Singles

2/3 Singles Winner – Adam St. Onge, PA

4/5 Singles Winner – Omar Nassif, FL

6/7 Singles Winner -  Amos Bush, TX

10 Ball Singles

2/3 Singles Winner – Linh Nguyen, NV

4/5 Singles Winner – Jason Osborn, NV

6/7 Singles Winner – Crispian Ng, TX

If you are interested in TAP and want to play, check out the TAP League Locator at www.tapleague.com and click on the league locator globe located on the right side of the website.  If there is not a TAP Operation in your area, find out how to start one by calling Sam Rullo in the sales department at 1-800-984-7665 ext. 2.  Join us as we TAP ON !

2015 National Championships

Nov. 5th - 8th 2015

Nashville Tennesse is it. The April 2013 National Licensee Meeting was the stage for many things including TAP Founder and CEO Loyd Schonter announcing, Read More

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